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Wildflower Concert T-Shirts

Concert T-Shirts for people who prefer to stay home...

     I always loved the iconography of concert T-shirts - the distinctive art work which conveys not just one concert but an era in time.  It's a badge of honor that proclaims, "I was THERE!"  However, this is the only part of the experience that appeals to me. I'm short; so in a crowd, I never see much other than the person in front of me.  My attention span is even shorter than my stature and I have little patience with being too hot and too close to people experiencing chemically induced excitement.                   Although  I covet concert T's, wearing one, if you didn't actually go to the  show, feels presumptuous.  I worry about people trying to discuss the concert  with me.

What would I say?
     However, once I discovered that wildflowers and butterflies have names like "Bastard Toad Flax" or "Great Spangled fritillary," the solution was obvious.  These native plants and their hosts NEEDED a Concert T-shirt. Bastard Toad Flax clearly required an early Jethro Tull design. Big Bluestem is a 50's bluegrass band and Ironweed -pure metal.  I can't say exactly when these concerts will begin. Some might perform across the street or they might not show up at all.  I am not their manager - just the venue owner.  You  are welcome to sit with me on the porch and watch the show or just wear the T-shirt. I promise, no one will know.

Buying one for a friend? Send a Concert T shirt Gift card. Click HERE

Note:  There are several color choices for many of the shirts, click on "view more details" in the Quick View menu to see all the possibilities

Also Note:  All T-shirts, like most purchased off the internet, are created with DTG printing.  My printer friend recommends that they be washed inside out, in cold water and air dried.

Final Note: I have been wearing mine regularly and putting them in the dryer anyway. Its been fine.

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