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Checkerspot Farm 
Native plants
for a living landscape:
located in
Colrain, MA 

About Us...
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We are a native plant nursery located on scenic 112 N in Colrain, MA (ten minutes from Greenfield or Shelburne Falls. 

Our address is 30 Jacksonville Road in Colrain MA.

We are open from 9-5 on Saturdays and Sundays and weekdays by appointment. Just send us a message.  We are nearly always on site!

Plants in stock

Allegheny monkey flower
American Black elderberry
Arrowhead Rattlebox

Baltic Rush
Beardtongue Calico/ White
Bergamot (Bee balm)
​Big Bluestem
Blue Vervain
Bottlebrush grass
Canada wild rye
Cardinal flower
Coreopsis (lance-leaved)
Eastern prickly pear cactus

False wild blue indigo
​Fox Sedge
Goldenrods (not your highway variety:
Zigzag, Elm leaved,Showy, and lance-leaf


Fox Sedge

Golden Alexander

Great Lobelia
Halberd-leaved Rose Mallow
​Hispid Buttercup
​Indian Grass
​Inland Sea Oats

Joe Pye Weed

Little Bluestem
Milkweed (Rose Milkweed)
New England Aster

Nodding fescue
Partridge pea
Purple coneflower
Steeple bush
White wood aster
Woodland sunflower
​Wood violet

Latest News 
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WIlldflower Concert T-shirts Are Here

(Concert T's for people

who prefer to stay home)

Iconic rock designs without the enormous ticket price!

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We are at the Shelburne Falls and Greenfield Farmers Markets

During the month of August and September you can visit our booth at the Shelburne Falls Farmers market on Fridays from 2-6:30 and at the Greenfield Farmers Market from 8am -12:30


Caterpillar Catharsis:
Reflections on the emotional impact of the spongy moth infestations.