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Christopher LaRoche,
native plant consultant

Christopher LaRoche's knowledge of native plants has come from years of observing, collecting seeds and growing.  Chris likes to say, "I'm in it for the bugs" since his interest in native plants originally stemmed from his love of entomology.  He also has broad knowledge of moths, butterflies, wasps and caterpillars.  

So I "NO MOWED MAY" - Now what?

     Restoring a space to create a native ecosystem is unfortunately more complicated than simply letting a field grow wild.  An unmowed field will undoubtedly be full of grasses, flowers and other plants.  It may look very beautiful.  But what exactly is growing?  Due to the enormous proliferation of non native plants in our environment,  this is only the very first step in restoring a habitat.  Its likely that the space hosts  many nonnative plants which means they do not support our local insects and birds, or invasive which means that they actively displace our native plants .  It's hard to tell. This lovely field on our property is actually full of goutweed, one of the most perniciouis invasives in the state.  Looks can be decieving. 





Services and Cost

Chris will walk the property with you and help you identify the natives, tne non natives, and invasies that you have growing in your space.  He can help you prioritize areas to clear, preserve and replant.  The cost for the service is $100 an hour including one way travel time to but not from the destination.  Contact Chris  below for a quote based on your location.

Contact Chris

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